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Computer Services

"Our mission is to provide high quality, affordable, and reliable computer repair and services to businesses and homes in Frankston"

    What our customers expect for day-to-day computer repair:
  • software troubleshooting
  • install home or office networking
  • work on performance issues (i.e. slow computer)
  • investigate "dead" PC - no startup
  • investigate other startup issues
  • fix system crashes (Blue screen of death)
  • replace failing hard drives and data transfer
  • fix email issues
  • internet security check and backup
  • determine cause of computer freezing
  • diagnose faulty hardware
  • hardware upgrades (e.g. larger c:\ drive)
  • fix other general Windows problems
  • reset lost Windows Passwords

You can watch and wait while we're at work. Our technicians are happy to patiently explain their procedure and give advice on any other IT matters.
Don't be afraid to ask. network backup, online storage, Internet security, touch screens... We're here to help, and explain things in plain simple English.


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